The storage of data and ensuring that it is secure is a problem for any computer user, Mac or not. Let’s face it. We all have camera’s, iPod, iPhones, iPads, USB thumb drives, DVD’s etc etc etc. No matter what device you have you need to store that data somewhere. But storing the data is only just the beginning because if you think that you can rely on a single location for all of your precious memories then you may as well go and get a camera that uses film.

The team at Mac It Up likes to adopt the motto that if it’s worth storing then it’s more than worth backing it up. Hard drives are spinning discs with a magnetic coating. They spin at high speeds are susceptible to shock, heat, magnetism, bearing failure, electronic circuit failure and various other mechanical or environmental failures. For these reasons and many others it is definitely worth having a backup of all your precious Mac data.

So what’s the best backup solution for your Mac? Well we have other articles that deal with that subject because it’s like asking the question, how long is a piece of string? Every backup solution is different to each person, and each businesses needs. But there are a few guiding principles that can be applied to backing up your Mac so let’s look at those.

What data do you need? That’s right, just like you need your desk to not be piled high with papers that you can’t find anything in because you don’t know where you put it and you probably don’t need half of it, your computer needs to be organised. Besides what’s the point of backing something up if you don’t know you have it or you can’t find it in the first place. So tip number one is to ensure you only store what you need and make sure it’s neat, tidy and you can actually find what you need.

The next thing to consider is what am I comfortable losing? If you say that you don’t need anything on your computer because you don’t care about the years of memories or the time you spent working on all of those documents then you don’t need to back up your Mac. But if you have years and years of precious data, you’re adding to it daily, and you couldn’t bear the thought of telling your kids you lost all of their early baby pictures because you didn’t back them up – You need to back your computer up daily or even hourly.

Another thing to think about is cost versus outlay. Yes how much is an inexpensive backup solution for Mac data recovery versus hundreds, thousands and dare we say it MILLIONS of dollars in lost revenue because a backup wasn’t made or wasn’t the correct solution? I don’t think we need to answer that one for you!

Mac hard drives, SSD drives, CD’s, DVD’s. No matter what you have your data on, it can be lost, stolen, damaged or just break. It doesn’t matter what we tell ourselves, it just comes back to the Mac It Up motto – IF IT’S WORTH STORING, IT’S MORE THAN WORTH BACKING IT UP.

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Ever lost your precious photos? Or have you ever lost an important document and missed a deadline? This article discuss why you should have a backup for your Mac.