In today’s business environment, having exceptional technology can be the difference between you and your competitor. For this reason, we at Mac It Up are dedicated to enhancing your computers’ productivity. We offer cutting edge Mac support services to ensure that your computers are making you money at all times and that there are very minimal downtimes.

Unlike our competitors, we do not believe that service should only happen when your computers are not working. This is because when problems reach a level where your computers are not working, the truth is that they will have already started to cost you money.

Our MAC Support Services

Prompt Service to Minimize Your Downtime

We have certified technicians who offer service for the system and application software, computer equipment, hard drives, network equipment and peripherals. Our technicians can either come to your site or you can bring your machines to our service facility. Save money and time with our Packaged Services Plans.

Technology Workflow Audit

Are you sure that you are getting the very best from your technology? With our technology workflow audit, we can help you review your present status and help you come up with a stable and highly productive environment. To this end, we will identify:

  • Gaps available in your technology processes
  • Software and Hardware upgrade compatibility
  • Network speed as well as security issues
  • File sharing as well as the options for collaboration
  • Productivity as well as training opportunities

After that, we will come up with a tailor-made technology strategy that ensures that you company is getting the best from your systems and tools.

Pre-Paid Service or Proactive Maintenance

Prevent Downtime and get to Save Money

You know that if you neglect your machines, they will eventually fail. So, instead of sitting on a disaster waiting to happen be proactive otherwise it will mess you. Take advantage of our Service and Proactive Maintenance Packages to ensure that your system is always running smoothly. If you pay for time blocks, your business will be guaranteed immediate response to its service needs, all of which will be within a budget.

Proactive Maintenance Plans

This is a great way of keeping your systems in perfect shape. We have monthly as well as quarterly plans to keep your systems working as they should, get the right updates for your software and hardware and fix problems before they start to cost you money.

MAC Training

Get the Most Out of Your Tools and Yourself

Your staff are obviously your company’s greatest asset. After investing a lot in support and services, you need to also ensure that your users are performing at their best. The permutations of software, hardware as well as application knowledge only get more complex with each passing day. We will give your company the critical information that it needs to fully use your systems. You can save time and keep away from information that does not help your team or organization.

We can bring training to your doorstep

Mac It Up offers both remote training as well as at your location. This is easy and convenient as well as custom. Your employees get to learn in their own environment and apply the knowledge on the hardware and software that they use every day.

OS X Workflow Training

Increase Productivity Using Your Operating System

We are the best workflow experts in the industry. We will teach you the proper approach to upgrading your business to the most current versions of application systems, OS X, PDF, font management, optimized workflow tools as well as several other important tips and tricks.

Quickly Expand Your Operating System Knowledge Base

With this 3-hour course, you will get valuable information that you can apply directly at your desktop and gain confidence in the latest OS. We do not train you on every feature but concentrate on what is relevant to you. We will teach you specific tips of using your Mac computer in a completely new way.

We offer the Best Resources

Thanks to our partnership with top industry pros and extensive knowledge base, we will offer or direct you to the best resources to ensure that your company is always running smoothly. We serve all manner of companies be it a family owned business or fortune 500 companies. Just give us a call and our customer service ninjas will be more than happy to attend to you.

We are the most reliable Mac support Gold Coast company that you can entrust with your computer issues.