Macintosh computers (both laptops and desktops) are devices made to last. It is no surprise that some people use them even for a decade. So if your Mac computer is pretty slow, it may be time to upgrade some of its hardware.

At Mac It Up, we take it upon ourselves to provide Mac upgrades that improve your Mac experience and performance. So if you run a business in the Gold Coast region of Australia, do not search any further because we can help you with all the upgrades that you need to improve the performance of your Mac server, laptop or desktop.  All which can be easily found by searching our Online Upgrades Store.

Types of Mac upgrades that we offer

Memory Upgrade

Speed, without a doubt, is among the most important factors when using a computer. Speed determines how smoothly computer applications run as well as how many applications can run simultaneously.

If you run several apps but you have insufficient memory, it could easily result in significant slowdowns which could cost you productivity work time. Too little memory can severely limit programs such as Photoshop, iMovie, iPhoto or even Final Cut Pro. Through upgrading your Mac’s RAM, we will ensure that your computer continues to serve you at the best speed possible.

Hard Drive Upgrade

Another thing that we can upgrade on your Mac server, laptop or desktop is the hard drive. Your Mac may have been supplied with a slower RPM of 4200 or 5400, be prepared for massive performance bottlenecks the moment your physical RAM becomes filled. When it does, the OS X will start to demand more from your computer, working your hard drive harder and supplementing it with virtual memory.

If we find that the biggest problem with your hard drive is that it’s running out of memory, we can recommend that you buy an external drive or you can upgrade the internal drive to a larger size.

If we find that your traditional platter-based hard drive is just too slow, we can swap out your internal hard drive and replace it with SSD (solid state drive). This is a very effective way of immediately improving your system’s data access speed.

Operating Systems Upgrade

In case your Mac laptop or desktop still runs on Leopard, we will help you upgrade it to the most current operating system from Apple called Mavericks. With Mavericks, you computer will get a new lease of life.

  • Set up Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10
  • Set up the user accounts in your computer and also set up other customised settings
  • Set up updates for operating system and test them for proper functionality
  • We will also include the latest OSX YOSEMITE 10.10 FOR Mac

Benefits of upgrading as opposed to buying a new Mac


Upgrading is much cheaper compared to buying a brand new Mac computer. Apple computers are expensive. as a result they are very durable machines, it would be wasteful to toss them in the garbage and buy new ones. The simple option is to upgrade them.

Faster machines

When you upgrade the RAM of your Mac machine, the machine will be a lot faster. This is because more RAM will be dedicated to one application.

It allows you to run multiple applications

With more RAM, you will be able to open several simultaneous applications and not have loss of performance. Remember that loss of performance is often associated with lack of enough RAM as well as too many open applications.

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At Mac It Up, we provide hard drive upgrades, OS X upgrades and installation as well as RAM upgrades. Not only are upgrades cost effective but they can also transform your Mac computer from a slow and lethargic machine to a super computer that has a lot more capabilities.

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