Mac OS is one of the most integrated and most reliable operating systems that a computer can run on. However, despite its elite functioning, it too can be curbed by certain problems that require fixing. It is for this reason that Mac repair and troubleshooting becomes of much importance to restore the computer to its top condition form. During these troubleshooting and maintenance processes, the repairing permissions tend to play a very important role being that they are the most maligned actions on the Mac.

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Permissions are very important in a Mac. These are settings found in every file and folder on a Mac OS X and determine which user has access to what and what he can do on that file. Permissions also determine which item the OS can access and also modify as well as which files the applications can access.

The permission that enables you to work on malfunctioning systems and programs is called the Repair Disk Permissions function and it actually performs the process of repairing. It will clearly and extensively examine each and every file and analyze if the current file and folder settings are exactly what the Mac OS requires; if not, the permissions not in line with the required standards are thus changed to match the necessary settings.

It is quite important to use permission to repair the Mac computer in that they restore normal functioning of incorrect programs and retain the normal status of the files and folders in the computer. If not repaired, your Mac computer will undergo numerous problems when trying to run some applications, commands and programs since they will be misinterpreted anytime the incorrect files access them.

Some of the problems you might experience when you fail to repair the malfunctioned files and programs include trouble accessing your account due to log in failures, launching inappropriate applications as well as failure of launching the programs you opened and at times your Mac might completely fail to start up. The repair disk permission is therefore a very important tool for any Mac user and they should consider it a reliable aspect for Mac repairs.

It is very easy to repair these apparent problems experienced by Mac computers through the Repair Disk Permissions function. You will have to know that this utility is incorporated in the Mac OS and you don’t have to install it. Go to the Apples disk utilities so as to launch the permissions tool. After launching disk utility, select the disk that has problems, this is mostly the start-up disk, and then click the First Aid tab. At the bottom of this tab, select the repair disk permissions button. However, it is important to know what problems you are repairing, so consider clicking the verify disk permissions before repairing to see the potential problems to be acted upon. You can then proceed to repair disk permissions to see to it that these problems are corrected.

The repair disk permission function is very effective in recognizing which files and programs are malfunctioned. It does this by checking the receipts submitted by the program during installation and comparing them with the current status of the program. Every program during installation leaves behind a detailed receipt that contains all the permissions that the program should have. If during the check up process a certain file’s or program’s permissions differ from the original receipt’s permissions, then the repair disk permission recognizes it as a malfunctioned file or program.

This function repairs the files by restoring the original permissions as directed but the records in the receipt. This ensures the programs resumes its functions just like it did upon installation. Although this function is called “disk repair”, actually it does no repairing on any file or program. What it does is just restoring a program or file to its original condition as it was when installed. Therefore, it might change a good file since it is possible for a file to change permissions due to updates even though it is not broken or malfunctioned.

Similarly, the repair disk function will not affect all files and programs. It only repairs those files that have a correct receipt stored in the library. Furthermore it only affects the files that were installed via the OS X’s installer. As you will come to see, most of these files are system level files, applications and add-ons. Any other applications installed through drag and drop method will never be affected by the disk repair function. Similarly, your documents or other user files will not be repaired by this function.

However, even though the files or programs installed via the OS X’s installer were third party files, they will be modified by the disk repair function.

You might argue that the disk repair tool is much limited since it should be doing total repair on all the files and documents on a Mac computer. However, this limitation is observed as good security. A third party file could maliciously leave behind a changed receipt that will change permissions on system level files and when repaired the files undergo complete destruction. It is therefore necessary to maintain the disk repair functions within just these files installed via the installer utility to avoid creating room for security breaches and unauthorized data access by these third party files and programs.

It is therefore very possible to undergo Mac repair using the disk repair permission tool. This function as we have seen is crucial in solving some of the common and hard to fix by yourself problems. It will save you lots of cash since taking the computer to a technician for repair will cost you a lot. So instead of going through all this trouble, repair your Mac on your own by the use of this “disk repair permissions” function.

However, note that not all problems in a Mac computer can be repaired by this utility. Problems like machine crashing or virus attack cannot be repaired by this process. You will therefore have to consult your technicians whenever a major problem hits your Mac. Maintenance of the computer is also advisable so that you can avoid these problems that will lead to malfunctioning of your computer.

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